Our vision for 2050 started when we were very young. We always loved animals and hated poaching. We would talk about it for hours before we went to bed sometimes. We then grew up hearing about “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”, and about how our species was ruining the planet for all other species all because of human vices such as convenience and greed. We wanted to do something about it growing up but we were too young and didn’t know how. Now that we’re graduated from school and out in the world, we figured this would be the time to take action. Seeing great companies like Patagonia and 4Ocean make significant change in a short-time period, we felt that the best way we could help make the change we wanted to see was to build our own brand that fought against climate change and for species conservation.

We started with sunglasses because we love sunglasses and we don’t think that you should need to pay $100+ for a name brand - even though we have been guilty of doing that ourselves. We are just starting out so if you feel like you have any ideas of where we should go or any changes you’d like to see us make, we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s make 2050 the best year this planet has ever seen.